Treat your lover to a night of absolute decadence with System Jo's romantic Tempt Me Kit Vol. I from the stunning RedRoom Limited Edition collection of Fifty Shades-themed bedroom accessories. 
The sweeping assortment includes seven exquisite pieces that work perfectly with each other to provide you with plenty of new sensations to explore; and whether you try them together or as stand alone treats, you'll certainly end up craving more from this tempting selection. Comprised of luxurious delicacies facilitating mood-setting, foreplay and intercourse, the Tempt Me Kit comprises of light bondage accessories and enhancing sex-liquids from lube to massage oil, each of which heighten the senses for an intensified experience with your lover. 
Satin Blindfold
Feather Tickler
JO Flavored H2O Lube - 2oz/60mL
JO Kissable Body Powder - 1oz/30g
JO Kissable Massage Oil - 1oz/30mL
Erotic Book of JO
Lover's Contract

Tempt Me Kit Vol. I

SKU: SJ-404607