The trio of sex liquids includes three exquisite formulas that make for a romantic night of sheer bliss; and whether you try them together or as stand alone treats, you'll certainly end up craving more from this tempting selection. Comprised of luxurious delicacies facilitating mood-setting, foreplay and intercourse, the Prepare Me Kit comprises of sex-enhancing formulas from lube to massage oil, each of which heighten the senses for an intensified experience with your lover. 

Beginning with a chocolate flavored massage oil, you can lather this oil all over your lover body-wide, and thanks to its edible formula, you can lick, kiss and suck it off every crevice of their slicked skin as you desire. A flavored water-based lube facilitates tastier oral sex, with a subtle pink champagne taste for added bliss, enticing more thorough blow jobs and the like with its mouth-watering flavor. Finally, an anti-bacterial toy cleaner completes the set, adding the cherry on top to a satisfying combin

Prepare Me Kit Vol. IV

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