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Pulled closer. The suede and leather cradling your head. Taking it all. Wet mouth on skin. Moaning as you go deeper. Mind-blowing. Give and receive.

A blissfully versatile, delightfully high end leather piece from the James Deen Black and Blue line of luxury bondage gear, Stay Close takes the form of a wide, soft-textured padded strap that aids in positioning and control during oral sex and otherwise. 

Curving against the back of the neck with its wide, 15 inches of leather-backed suede styling, the partner being pleasured will be holding tight to two sturdily stitched straps that loop around either end, effectively calling the shots in terms of depth and speed. Perhaps it goes without saying that there are many sexual positions for which the Closer may come in handy, too. Spot clean.

James Deen Black & Blue Stay Close Oral Sex Suppor

SKU: ZDJ-8125-21-BX
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